Part 2

Day 2
Perhaps you’ve noticed weird object attached to my rear rack, it’s my ukulele wich I brought with me to serve travel guitar duties. Didn’t realize that tuning on those things is quite different to the guitar and none of your usual guitar chords and patterns work :) It was fun if a little challenging time trying to sort out some basic chords and play around them. Here is my first attempt on second day’s mild morning:

After short morning ride I got to a very active hot springs area with its crown jewel –  Geysir which is the second largest geyser in the world and actually all geysers are named after this one. As much as I would love to sit and wait for it to erupt I didn’t have several years to spare so I focused on the smaller one called Strokkur. You can see it here:

Weather is great so I leave the stench of sulphur behind and set off towards even bigger touristic attraction… …Gulfoss the biggest the baddest and most crowded waterfall in IcelandThere is so many people that some of them bored with waterfall actuallly start photographing my bicycle. I’m not too extatic, box ticked, time to leave…

I need to traverse to Sprengisadur route whitch involves cycling 60km of vague track which on my map is marked with a faint dashed line. It appears to be a wide gravel road along the line of pylons. Abundance of loose rock, steep uphills and river crossings make for one of the most tiresome section of the whole trip. Meet the Pylon Road:

After what felt like hours of grinding the low gears and a fair bit of pushing I arrive at a peculiar place:

It’s an empty hut, open and warm inside. Plenty of gas and pots to comfortably cook, beds and toilet … don’t care what kind of magic is this, I’m staying for a night. I will share three magical words with you as well: Pasta, Pesto, Pancetta :)  Back<>Next

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