Part 3

Day 3

This picture pretty much sums up day three:Cold, wet from the rain and wet from crossing rivers, fell into the water and now even my warm shoes are wet. Crocs have to do for the rest of the day. Pylon Rd is still shaking my bike to pieces, I lost one of the main bolts from my rear rack, I have a replacement but it’s too short and thread isn’t fully engaged, it has to do for the rest of the day. And then the rest of the day comes and brings me this:

Haifoss waterfall. Tall and skinny, far more sublime than Gullfos I’ve seen yesterday. It’s beautiful… I sit in the rain and stare at the colors in the valley below the waterfall…

Near the waterfall I spot this lovely old Unimog. It belongs to spanish family and on a day like this I’m quite jelaous :/ The Pylon Road comes to an end and soon I find myself pedaling slowly up the good asphalt road. While I’m shooting another wet photo someone is catching up with me:

It’s Alan, British cyclist from Lake District. He is doing similar route to mine so we join forces and tackle some burgers in the next village. Alan expected to be able to get some supplies here before entering interior but all you can get is biscuits and some noodles. Being experienced trekker he makes a decision to continue on 2000 sugary calories per day! I give him one of my emergency nuts rations and we set off for some after dinner mileage in search for a nice camping spot. 

Day 4

And nice spot it was:)

We are finally getting to the beginning of our trip – the Sprengisandur Route. I wanted to quote my guide book but found better description of this road online: “I hate the Sprengisandur, I can’t understand, why you want to go there, its corrugated roads throughout, sand, boring landscape and rivers which are chest deep…”  

It’s two of us and we mean it!  (Note the color coding of jackets and luggage) 

And since from now on the landscape does get a bit repetitive I will show you one of my cheesy macro shots from the lunch break: 
We are introduced to two things that day:
  1. Head wind.
  2. People who are smart enough to know which direction one should cross Iceland to avoid headwind.

Here is a bit of the latter. We meet two Polish cyclists on a month long tour. Guy in the green jacket lost 13kg in 3 weeks :)

Panoramic break:And more smart people. We meet two French hikers. By the way we look totally badass in this picture, extra points go to Alan for holding one of his five a day! 
And one more smart German cyclist (heavy smoker who run out of cigarettes – very chatty) on a bike which most people in London wouldn’t consider robust enough for a 5 mile commute …Me and Alan waste a lot of time talking about bikes on every occasion. He rides Thorn Nomad with Rohloff hub and a funky set of DIY bags. In this company my Salsa looks almost like a road bike :) Good news – Alan has perfect bolt for my rear rack!
More cycling or pushing if I’m seeing corectly! 

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