Part 4

Day 5

Perhaps I messed up the chronology a bit but I don’t remember anything from that day and no photographs have been taken. My travel diary is full of scribbles about relentless head wind that would stop you on downhills,  5km/h progress and pouring rain…

Day 6

Looks like we’ve got to Nyidilur hut last night where we received a warm welcome (in the form of a warm dinner) from a German group of tourists. We also met Toby who is walking from South to North and lost poles from his tent that he’s made himself (don’t ask, long story). Sprengisandur route continues North but we are heading East to Askja. It’s 140 kilometers of really bad roads and sand, I need to move faster to get to all places I want to see so we decide to part our ways. This is our last photo on the road together:

I’m still facing some head wind and it’s raining most of the day but riding is excellent and I’m making good progress.

In the evening weather gets better and I really enjoy being there on my own…

And now for sth completely different…

Welcome to the Macro Masterclass. Below you’ll find 4 steps to macro photography Nirvana:

Step 1. Find a nice rock

Step 2. Focus your camera on this rock (in macro mode)

Step 3. Set timer to 10 seconds and press shutter button

Step 4. Run fifteen meters away and start peeing

Day 7

I found great spot for a camping last night – soft volcanic ash on the ground with lava formations sheltering from the wind. Snow in the morning is like icing on the cake!I pull out my Uke, stand by the road and start my morning rehearsal waiting for a 4×4 with confused tourists…

Here is second take on my main theme of the trip, I called it ‘Computed With Error’ because progressive titles make songs sound much better…

I want to go to Hawaii!!!

Cosmic ground, cosmic clouds…

After few hours of cycling through desert I came across a weird thing:

After thorough investigation I concluded that the blue thing on the ground is powering the blue thing under the ground :)

Unrideable sand patches are getting longer and longer so I push…
I walk away from the path to set up my tent…

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