MSR Reactor + Flat Pot Adapter


Reactor is a great stove, probably most efficient and powerful on the market today. Perhaps a bit heavy for a solo lightweight trip but great for everything else.

However, as happy as I am with it, a little more versatility wouldn’t go amiss. The dome – shaped burner of the stove prevents you from using flat bottom pots and pans and who doesn’t like eggs and bacon for breakfast? I certainly do so I needed an adapter, sth simple, robust, stable, cheap and sth that could be stored inside the reactor pot…. So here is the solution I came up with:

It’s nothing more than a butchered 250 gram gas canister but works great and cost nothing … apart of blood, sweat and tears if you don’t have proper tools. Gas canister has perfect diameter and makes for a snug fit with the stove burner. All you need to do is cut a hole in the bottom of the can (leave 3-4mm stopper lip around the hole), this is hard to impossible without a drill with hole cutting thingy, vice etc. because compared to your average tuna can those canisters are actually built like tanks. My flat mate did that part for me in his car workshop – Thanks Tony! Once the hole is cut all is left to do is hacksaw the can in half and using metal cutting scissors cut and bend this nice flowery shape. Shorten the leafs to fit your reactor pot, perhaps leave just four if you are weight weenie type and voila. At 50 grams it ended up a bit heavier than I thought it would be but works like a dream. It gets hot but will not deform and cools down quickly. Some fire power is lost obviously in the process but with Reactor that’s actually a good thing and makes simmering and frying easier.

I would also like to note that contrary to some reports Reactor will simmer even with the original pot. It makes funny noise and glows dark red rather than orange in this almost shut down setting but is still unaffected by wind. Great stove and you can make it more versatile with this simple adapter!

PS. I highly disregard health & safety but please don’t hack gas canister until you are absolutely sure that it is empty :)

5 thoughts on “MSR Reactor + Flat Pot Adapter

  1. Hey Tomasz,
    Question for you – this is a great idea for the adapter, something I’ve thought about for a while as well. I’m looking to expand my business experience and thought about going through the patent and manufacturing process. I’d like your permission to pursue this idea… let me know your thoughts!

  2. How many times have you used the adapter?

    I made one just like this, and it triggered my reactor’s overheating shutoff valve, requiring replacement. Maybe mine was just defective, but my best guess is that my adapter, like yours, directed more heat down toward the stove. The heat exchanger in the pot, on the other hand, produces airflow through the bottom of the stove (air intake), which would cool it.

    Unfortunate if this is the case. Let me know!


    • I’ve used it for two weeks twice a day, every day in temperatures probably no higher than 10deg celsius. I only use it with my reactor turned down as low as it will go for simmering otherwise it will burn right through your pan. Haven’t noticed any increased temp in the reactor head I can grab it with bare hands short while after cooking just like after cooking with reactor pot. My adapter is not perfectly flat on top so there is room for hot air to escape. I would never cook water at full blast with the adapter and flat pot, that’s what reactor pot is for.

      • I replaced the stove under warranty and used the adapter again. Worked fine for a few minutes with the temp turned way down, but when I turned the temp up to medium, it permanently shut itself down, again.

        Careful out there.

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