Part 6

Day 9

Today I enter Mordor:I follow the red road…I talk to the rock…I can’t get any closer to the ice cave filled with boiling water…and I love the glacier…

I also need to confess something – I can’t relax. For some reason I’ve been racing through all this gorgeous landscape like a horse with mustard stuck up its buttock. Perhaps too much of a mountaineering style trickled down to my cycling – this constant need for movement because otherwise you will be hungry, cold or worse…

So here I am, sitting before the mighty Vatnajökull glacier emerging from beneath the ground. Its grey, curved surface plays funny planet within a planet game and all the highlands of Iceland now seem to be drowning in the sea of dirty ice. I would like to stay here for two days but it’s not possible. I got as far south as possible on a bike and now I need all the days I have left to get out of here…

By the way – I officially rename the color of my bicycle from ‘Puke’ to ‘Icelandic Moss’!Bed time with a nice view and relentless roar of thousand rivers under the ice!Back <> Next

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