Portugal N-S 2014

5 thoughts on “Portugal N-S 2014

  1. Beautiful trip!!
    You found everything you need; sea, mountain, river, surfing, architecture, animals… even elephants crossing the river ;)

  2. Looks a great trip Thomas, some great photographs, pleased you got the bike fixed. Would have been great to see you again in Morocco, but the route you did in Portugal looks fantastic. Have you the GPS route? Looks an interesting adventure for the future.

    • Thanks Will, yeah shame I didn’t even make it to Caceres to meet you lot.
      Following Keith’s advice I just grabbed one of the 1200km routes off Wikilocs.
      They all seem to be based on a route put together in 2007 by some local guys. Route is still fully rideable apart from maybe 5 or 6 little detours which are fun to work out, some steep loose uphills there :)

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